A Quick Shoutout to Our Sponsors

Since the beginning of the pandemic and protests, it is helpful for everyone to find businesses working hard to ensure our safety and continuance of healthy life. We wanted to take a quick moment to reach out to some sponsors, and we have plenty on board right now.

Are you looking to be a Sponsor? Could you email us at channelblackmedia1@gmail.com?

We are an open-minded organization looking for all kinds of businesses. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. We are open-armed to all those willing to work hard to support the public through crazy times.

As you can see, we support sponsorship for local business or brick and mortar business. Please don’t be shy because we have great opportunities lined up shortly. The more, the merrier. The movement will be groundbreaking if we can get this show on the road. Once again, find our email and reach out to join this movement.

Need More Information?

Glad you asked! Please email us, and we’ll get back, usually within 5 hours. We already know that what you will be getting out of this organization will exceed your expectations like any other mutual business agreement. We must come to a solidified notion of respect and integrity.

Don’t Feel Qualified?

Not sure if your business will be the correct fit? We can guarantee that this will not be the case. We need enterprises of every fashion to form a concrete base that we can stand firm. We aren’t looking for upright support with no return. Passion and the forming of a substantial mutual benefit is the main priority. Take our new sponsor https://plumbingdurango.com/about/ for instance.  Please don’t assume you aren’t the right business to pair up.

The Mission


Our success will show based on the number of goals we can check off our list. We want to be an overall supporter of the black lives movement, but not just in a passive manner. By integrating with local and national businesses, we plan on raising money to support future charity events, walks, and much more. In turn, games will give direct support to the black community instead of politicians way up the ladder. It’s time we begin to support each other instead of fighting and disagreeing on everything possible. That is the best way to improve our current situation. We’ve learned way too much in the past six to eight months. Enough for a whole lifetime, it seems. There is much more to learn, though. Much more to do. Much more to be there for each other. Media is a status quo nowadays, but essential nonetheless. We don’t want to adopt media in the way that most platforms do. It should help you not suffocate you. Everything has a side to it, and it’s essential to look at each one of those sides. After all, you might miss something. Bias can be dangerous, so the goal is not to spread it, but instead to educate.

Feel like connecting? Shoot us an email, and we will get back with you!

Visit our about page to get more information.

Quick Reach-Out and Updates

We’ve recently decided to go web-based for our movement due to the unfortunate events that been occurring. If you wish to register please do so. Within a couple of days, we’ll be pumping out content on some of the best resources you can find while battling in this movement. We want to make sure to say we do not condone any violent behavior and will not be held liable for what citizens do with any insight.

Be on the lookout for what may be your HUB for all things going on. We’ll provide real-time updates and un-biased news to show you a look into what is happening in the world around us.